On April 13, 2019, The Photographic Gallery at AUC will present the photographic exhibition “On The Road to Freedom,” by Egyptian photographer Asmaa Waguih. This exhibition honors the bravery and struggle of the heroic Kurdish women and other Arab and Yazidi women that have stood against the horrendous assaults of ISIS on the territories of Northern Syria and Iraq. The success of women to win their freedom in a region ravaged by social traditions and suffering from Daesh control is a particularly new phenomenon that the photographer wanted to show through her photographs. Daesh may leave militarily, but their impact will remain strong among those who follow them and who are still living among them. The new women phenomenon will hopefully force traditions to retreat and change. Report By: Dania Elmor

On The Road to Freedom

Class Class 2019
Semester Spring 2019

Kamal Adham Center Production


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